The Senseless

'The Buried Life'

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Review for 'The Floating World' Feb 2014

"While other bands might have dragged these riffs and lyrics into the shadows of horror/darkness, The Senseless somehow embrace an extreme metal positivity that's more infectious than the pox other bands coat themselves in."


Review for 'In the Realm of the Senseless' 2007

“...the obvious reference point to The Senseless isn't exactly buried as the trademark furious and unrelenting presentation is here in all its glory; fans of frantic punishment with machine-gun drumming need look no further. That said, it's when Bean diverts from full-on blitzkrieg mode that the real jewels can be found...”


Review for 'In the Realm of the Senseless' 2007

“...a colossal headfuck of an album that is unrelenting in its brutality and overall lunacy.”


review for 'The Floating World'

“This is all about dropping the metal tough guy image and making death metal music with mainstream sensibilities we are told. Who are they trying to kid though? If I played this to anyone with mainstream sensibilities they would be quick to defenestrate themselves.”


review for 'The Floating World' (german)

"Die größte Überraschung an The Floating World ist die permanente Bedrohung durch catchy Ohrwurmmelodien, die dem Gesamtbild einen tendenziell freundlichen Anstrich verpassen. Trotz des andauernden Sperrfeuers, aus brutalstem Drumming und rasenden Gitarrenriffs, gelingt es den Aussis den Hörer zu fesseln, weil man unbedingt wissen muss, welches Klangverbrechen das Quartett als nächstes aus dem Ärmel schüttelt."


review for 'The Floating World' (french)

"Que c'est jouissif d'entendre un compositeur se lâcher, faire son album dans son coin sans se soucier de la réception ou des chiffres de vente, et au final se retrouver avec une œuvre totalement à contre-courant des schémas habituels, extrêmisant les extrêmes tout en laissant place à un feeling étrangement calme et reposant"


Review for 'In the Realm of the Senseless'

"When getting someone into (a) subgenre of metal, do you start them with the best or the most accessible? After a week of pondering, I’ve decided that the answer is, uh, why not both? In the Realm of the Senseless seems to fit that very need."


The Senseless aims to break all the extreme metal stereotypes and conventions, playing with joy as well as anger, light as well as dark. In a day where every extreme band has the same sound, the same breakdowns, the same image, The Senseless is a punch to the face of traditionalists and a gift to those searching for something different to the usual grind.